InVesting in Style
By Tracey Vest

Wax On: Resin Coated Jeans


Jeans and all things denim for that matter, are still hot fashion items. Jeans of every style, length and wash are still at the top of the must have fashion list for men women and children. Blue jeans have come a long way from being worn for just cleaning, manual labor and relaxing. It’s hard to believe that once upon time denim jeans were primarily a garment for men. Jeans are now appropriate for just about any occasion and can even be worn at the workplace. You can find jeans from every shade of blue and jeans that have been distressed, ripped, nipped and tucked.

The latest trendy treatment for denim jeans is wax or resin coated. These jeans are not exactly a new trend, these jeans have been lurking around the fashion block and make an appearance, but they are getting a bit of attention just in time for summer and back to schoo for guys and gals. The wax coating gives these jeans a bit of a shine and a feel that is similar to leather. The jury is still out for me on this trend. The wax does give denim a very cool effect and the look has a hip rocker vibe that can be quite sexy. If you’re looking for an interesting fashion trend to try this year these jeans could be a great choice.

Ultra cool or not, if you’re on a budget you may want to skip this trend. Along with the wax giving the denim leather like appearance and feel, it also gives jeans all of the cleaning restrictions that leather has. As far as care for this hot trend, you won’t be able to toss these jeans in the wash like plain ole denim. It’s a tossup between cold water wash and dry cleaning and neither one can guarantee you won’t lose the finish. The upside is if you decide to work this trend is you may end up with a whole new textile effect and maybe start a new trend of your own.


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